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Your spotlight on local services

Circle MSK Services

Healthwatch Greenwich are working with Greenwich CCG, Royal Borough of Greenwich and Circle MSK to monitor the implementation and delivery of the new Circle MSK contract. We attend CCG contract monitoring meetings, Circle 


Transparency Statement

Healthwatch Greenwich are periodically commissioned by providers and other organisations to support their work. In addition to our core contract, we have currently been commissioned by Circle MSK and the Royal Borough of Greenwich to provide additional support and engagement throughout 2017/18. This includes additional Enter and Views, surveys, and a number of targeted focus groups.

Our work is designed to better understand the patient and service user experience, and reflect that experience back to commissioners, decision makers and providers, with the sole intention of improving the quality of services and the patient and service user experience.

Healthwatch Greenwich is an independent organisation with no contractual obligation to deliver anything other than those objectives set out under the Health and Social Care Act 2012. All of our board meeting minutes, annual accounts, policies, procedures and governance mechanisms are either published on our website or available on request. Each project, whether carried out under our core contract or commissioned separately, will be clearly identified, published on our website and held to the same level of scrutiny and objectivity.

Every report we produce is sent to the relevant provider for comment, factual accuracy checks and a formal response. No provider, commissioner or elected member can veto our reports or recommendations.

Contact us

Healthwatch Greenwich
Gunnery House
9-11 Gunnery Terrace
SE18 6SW

Tel: 020 8301 8340